Start learning the HOW behind building relationship connections that thrive.

Understanding Neurosciece + Language Skills = Optimized Relationship Connections & Positive Life Impact

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Your guide to learning how to build connection...

Connection is a learned skill.  When you boil it down to its simplest form, connection is rooted in relationship safety. 


There are science backed cheat codes & #habithacks you need to know to create thriving connections in your 5 areas of IUGO Relationships; teams, tribes, mentors, partners & yourself. 


Each of these relationship categories requires its own specific skill set to build, thrive, repair & maintain optimal connections.  IUGO simplifies the learning process by breaking up connection building skills into four categories; identity, awareness, safety & habits.

If you desire more motivation, better performance, greater success, balanced mental wellness, it all starts and ends with how you connect in your relationships. 


IUGO teaches you the skills you need to BE YOU, DO YOU!

What would happen if you stopped believing that connection is something you should automatically know how to do?   What if you started to understand that it is actually a learned skill & that many of us have not yet had the opportunity to reach our true learning potential?  When you begin to see the neuroscience behind connection & to learn the skills of rewiring your life, you begin to change the game.  You begin to BE YOU & DO YOU & that is what this is all about!  Connecting with others in the best way possible & being our true selves in the process... 

Stasia Rivera, IUGO Founder & Connection Coach

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