Due to Covid-19 IUGO elected to pivot its mission to serve a broader audience.  Specifically, to support Generation Z youth, teens & young adults in learning the vital skill of how to create, nurture and maintain relationships in all areas of life; self, tribe, mentor, team & partnerships. 


IUGO also works with educators, parents, mentors, & coaches to bridge the gap of understanding that can exist between different generations and in the skills of identifying the simplest ways to get beyond the gaps that can exist and into the process of building the tools that really matter; motivation, confidence, habits, mental wellness & performance.



Hello!  I am a "retired therapist" & former DI athlete turned Connection Coach.  I teach adults who work with Gen Z and Gen Z folks themselves to bridge the connection gaps that exist in mental wellness, emotional EQ, regulation, motivation, etc.. I do this by teaching & using neuroscience backed models and methodology.  I am a super nerd & my super power is making science easy to understand, relatable & applicable to your day to day life. Over the last 10+ years of studying neuroscience, & the last 25+ years working as a coach/educator I have found that once people understand their own wiring, & how other people are wired relationship connections can get a lot simpler because the unknowns become know. 


I made the decision to move from 1:1 Coaching to building an online company that could help more people learn these skills.  IUGO offers you the opportunity to understand why you do what you do.  Once this foundation is learned you are able to establish common ground in your relationships & to gain a greater sense of life connections that allow you to become who you truly want to be!  My favorite thing in life is celebrating this in my own relationships & sharing this way of being with others.  I hope to see you on the journey!


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